Westshore Engineering

Everything you need to know about Our Expertise.
Who we are?

Construction & Engineering Experts

WestShore Engineering is a progressive Architectural and Engineering Practice, based in London, UK.

Founded by a number of experts in the field, our aim is to create beautiful properties around the country. We believe that everyone should be able to create their dream home without breaking the bank.

Our team is here to guide you and deliver your project from the initial idea all the way to the finished product, with professional and competent advice at every stage.

Guided by passion

CEO / Founder

“The beauty of a properly structured building, is its ability to frighten you and fill you with confidence at the same time.”

About Westshore Engineering

We make a difference

Unlocking Value

We take our mission seriously. 

From the simplest designs to the most exciting engineering challenges, we strive to apply the latest techniques and methods. 

We approach building design from a product perspective, maximising value across the lifecycle.

About Westshore Engineering

Guided by Trust

We focus on delivering on our promise. We guide ourselves by our 4 Core Values: Integrity, Team-Work, Excellence & Respect. We focus to provide an outstanding and professional approach to our Clients needs.

Why Westshore?

Extensive Design Expertise

All of WestShore Group’s staff is carefully selected by the most experienced members. As a team of experts in the fields of engineering, design, planning and business, we pride ourselves with the pleasure of providing the most detail-oriented and effective service in the engineering industry. 

From Outsourcing, to full-out project development, real experts, real engineering. 

Project data summary

Summary of 2020 Performance Stats
Corporate 126 Projects
Residential 218 projects
Commercial 30 Projects
Specialist Design 252 Projects

A brief History

Established in 2015, we started as a privately owned engineering and architectural practice in London, UK. Our team heads together about 30 years of experience and expertise in design engineering Founded by a number of experts in the field, our aim is to enable clients to explore and develop their projects.

Our fully qualified team of Architects and Engineers will engage with you throughout the process, ensuring that the best solutions are always explored and applied. Highly experienced in Civil, Structural, Building Services, Design and Sustainability, we also have extensive experience in Project Management and Project Finance

Working with Structures

Get to talk with our structural design and engineering experts and determine what is best for your project.

Corporate Partners

WestShore collaborates with a range of corporate partners that thrive on the excellent service provided to them .

Knowledge Base

After collecting so many years of experience, WestShore Group has developed a project management plan unlike any other in the industry.