• Client

    The Upper Tollington Park Family
  • Project Highlights

    Dormer conversion, ground floor side, rear extension & modern open plan
  • Year


Georgian 4-Storey property


Dormer Conversion


This beautiful Georgian property boasts a simple yet elegant dormer conversion. This required replacing and extending the existing rooftop to transform it from an unusable storage area into a contemporary habitable space that can be used all year round.


The addition of multiple skylights maximised light entering the property. A new stairway entrance into the newly converted loft allows for easier access into the room.

Upper Tollington Park Westshore Engineering


Ground floor side and rear extension and modern open plan


Our specialist team also designed the structural plans for both the side and rear extension on the ground floor of this property.


Structural beams were strategically placed to allow the removal of the original supporting walls that were removed. Our clients wanted to create a modern open plan space by opening up the kitchen/diner area.


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